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Fillet Knife & Sheath

No Bones About It Special Edition Fillet Knife & Sheath

This is one of the finest fillet knives ever created at a price you can't beat. Our fish fillet knife has a 6” blade, made of high quality carbon-edged stainless steel. This allows the fillet knife to hold its edge better than any other fillet knife that we have ever used.

Fillet KnifeThis is the only fillet knife we endorse. The "No Bones About It" fillet knife comes razor sharp right out of the box. The knife has a super-flex blade which allows you to feel the bones when cleaning any type of fish. Comfortable, soft grip handle for smooth cutting and a solid grip. The handle is USF certified and safe for kitchen and commercial use.

The secret to fillet knives is that they should not be stiff! You want flexibility and control as you fillet various species of fish. With our fish filleting videos, we teach cutting around the bones and pulling out the complete skeleton of all fish using this fillet knife. You cannot do this with all fillet knives, and you can have full control with this fillet knife!

Fillet Knife Handle: Soft, slip-resistant material; superior control; kitchen safe; thumb & finger guard for increased stability and protection.

6” Fillet Knife Blade: Made from a premium grade of rust-resistant, carbon-edged stainless steel; high-carbon quality for maintaining a good edge during use; razor sharp; ready to use, no edge preparation needed.

Sheath: Custom engineered by Blade Tamer™ to fit the curved blade of the No Bones About It knife; inner plastic liner and tough Military Ballistic® Nylon to protect you and the blade; belt loop for ease of carrying.

No Bones About It Fillet Knife & Blade Tamer™ Sheath
original $33.50
Sale $30.00

No Bones It Fillet Knife only
Sale $20.00

Blade Tamer™ Sheath only
Sale $13.50

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